True RIDE – Let’s have sex with Hijirin! (Touhou)

Tuesday, 9. August 2011   

A release for the day, brought to you by s0ul. Byakuren wishes to have sex after being revived:





4 Responses to “True RIDE – Let’s have sex with Hijirin! (Touhou)”

  1. zekana Says:

    by far one of the funniest doujins ive read in a while. Somehow, I imagine being imprisoned for hundreds of years would make anyone a little crazy.

  2. Ehud Says:

    Many thanx Desu and s0ul.

  3. Zathael Says:

    If I were imprisoned for hundreds of years, I am pretty sure that my response after getting released would be “I WANT TO FUCK SOMEBODY!” as well.

    Thanks DesuDesu and s0ul.

  4. BreadGod Says:

    My favorite line is “I feel really horny right now.”

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