Jyaraya – VIRGINITY (Dance In The Vampire Bund)

Tuesday, 22. June 2010   

Here’s another release for the day, brought to you by Fatjoe. Some sort of loli vampire drawn in a HNNNG-inducing style:

Look at that face on the last panel D:




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  1. Sifian Says:

    Oh FUCK YEAH!!!! And so it begins. I have been waiting for Bund hentai since ep2 of the anime.

    Many thanks to all those involved.

  2. Reni Says:

    My god….too much hnnnnnng in that one page alone….

  3. Zathael Says:

    Woohoo! Many, many thanks to DesuDesu and Fatjoe for this one. This looks just full of win.

    @Sifian: Try reading the manga as well, I like it much more than the anime.

  4. Sifian Says:

    I have all 7 US volumes in hardcopy.
    (and the official release happens to be further along than the fanscans)

    Seeing Angie as a shota in V7 also made for some awkwardly exciting reading…

  5. masakatsu Says:

    why does this vampire remind me of rachel?

  6. Zathael Says:

    @Sifian: I was worried about buying the US versions, thinking they might censor or simply leave out certain parts, or change/rewrite the translation in some way to try and avoid some of the more questionable content. Have you compared the US volumes to the Japanese version or the fan translated stuff?

  7. Sifian Says:

    There isn’t any apparent difference between the US and JP releases of bund. If you want to see a comparison, chapter23 on mangatoshokan.com is a scan of the US paperback.

    The JP scans of the chastity test can be found here on sankakucomplex
    (the images don’t display properly for me upon initial view, but they come into clarity when you click on them)

    It’s conceivable that the images on sankaku are magazine scans, and that the tank is more explicit- but if that’s the only disparity (and I’m not convinced such a disparity exists) it’s one I can live with.

    Here’s a preview teaser for the next chapter that has yet to be scanlated:

    IF you’re wondering about the flavor of the dialogue, it’s highly comparable, varying from bubble to bubble, but I’d probably give the edge to the official translation.

  8. Zathael Says:

    Thanks for the info. I was worried since the US is very anti-loli that whole pages (or chapters!) would be missing, and that the dialogue would be horribly altered to try and make the story still make sense. I am very, very pleasantly surprised to hear that it is being released in the US without additional alterations or censorship.

  9. darknile Says:

    Hmmm, I’m “reading” the Japanese version atm and I’m still a bit confused about that kinky looking page in chapter 41(?)where a naked Angie is being “dominated” by one of their crazy wolf buddies. I’m assuming it was buttsecks xD. Whats the consensus here?

    Dammit Angie isn’t a complete trap but with a lower body figure and face like that he can lead many a man astray! Why oh why isn’t he female???

  10. That Guy Says:

    Goddamnit, I hate to be this person, but you missed something. Sixth page, first bubble:
    It’s not major, but it is distracting in an otherwise great doujin.

  11. Sifian Says:


    Well, if you give the omake chapters at the end of each volume any canonical value then there was a fair amount of pent up sexual tension between Akira’s trial mates.

    Then, Sanin is borderline insane at this point, so he’s just acting on raw emotion and impulse… so yeah, it was probably gay bestial rape. WHen I read that I was initially thinking “aw come on, was that really necessary?” but I guess someone out there might have liked it.

  12. darknile Says:

    @Sifian ok so it wasn’t just me and my dirty dirty mind. We do have to give some of the omake canon since well, even though it was meant to be funny, it still held to the scenarios a bit firm. Well as you said some people out there might have liked it… <,,>

    Watch, the next doujin will be about Angie in an all male prison RFLMAO.

  13. darknile Says:

    I haven’t picked this one up yet. I don’t mind some bund hentai but I want some artwork closer to the orignal artists. Like some with the student council prez, and some with mina x akira too of course. Mina’s maids are yummy. There are others I just cant remember their names.

  14. me Says:

    Angie is a girl i hope you realize……….

  15. Zathael Says:

    me Says:

    Angie is a girl i hope you realize……….

    No, he is not…. You must not have read far enough yet to find that out.

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