[DA HOOTCH (ShindoL)] Hanshoku Nebura (Monster Hunter)(C77)

Friday, 19. February 2010   

Here’s a new one for the day, brought to you by a certain fan of ShindoL. I was told that the actual name is ShindoL, instead of Shindo Eru as the original filename implies. This one’s a Monster Hunter doujin, about a guy’s sister who absolutely hates his wife, and planned a cunning trap to get her raped by monsters, only to have it backfire and she herself gets raped as well. They then both get raped and impregnated the whole year before the husband guy finds them, only to be treated to a typical NTR scenario (wife gets raped before his eyes, wife rejecting him, saying she’d much rather be with her new partner).

Oh, did I mention the girls get raped silly?

(/◔ ◡ ◔)/  I’ll be really thankful if you can use this link rather than the rest)





*sorry for the lack of updates and replies. Been busy with life lately (the release of Bioshock 2 didn’t help either. It feels like I’m really father and a nice person, saving those poor girls driven to madness and forgiving and sparing the lifes of those misguided baddies), and my email inbox reached a record 93 mails unread which is pretty disastrous.  Will have to go through them when I have the time to ><

13 Responses to “[DA HOOTCH (ShindoL)] Hanshoku Nebura (Monster Hunter)(C77)”

  1. nitetrkr Says:

    Your page has been hacked with some javascript redirector to some porn sites when you try to leave the page or close the browser. I hit it with fireFox and AD-Block Plus running. If you intended for this, fine. I don’t like being in control of where my web session goes. If you can’t fix this, I’ll not be coming back.

    Sorry, but that kind of thing is a vector for malware.

  2. Stannis Says:

    American games can be moe too!

  3. Almost-anon Says:

    Seems to be the hentai.ms ad that is doing the popup, http://www.hentai.ms/leave.js is included by http://www.hentai.ms/hentaiad.js

  4. Fushi Says:

    Advent of SC2 beta leaves me next to no time at all.

  5. Zathael Says:

    I am guessing that “a certain fan of ShindoL” has a name that starts with Set and ends with ebos. ;-)

    Oh, and like nitetrkr said, something is up with your site so that trying to leave the page causes the browser to go to a different webpage.

  6. 3333h Says:

    Hi DesuDesu, i’ve the same problem with this page, and the “search” bar is hacked to (when i try to search, it redirect with other sites).

  7. SkyFox Says:

    Yay for DA HOOTCH, thanks desudesu!

    I can understand you as i’m playing bioshock 2 too! Although the good ending is said to be the easiest and the bad ending the hardest! But i wonder what’s the 3rd ending

  8. yp Says:

    bro get rid of that ad. not cool.

  9. nws Says:

    So wrong and yet so good..

    How’s that Sister Buster project coming? That HCB is one of my all-time favorites, along with the artist’s ToyHeart series.

  10. Jambalaya Says:

    Adblocked the annoying pop-up already, so it’s dead to me now.

    Fuck yeah Hootch! I love this guy’s work so much. The themes he has is also mostly up my alley.

  11. Latus Says:

    Just curious as I don’t recognize the acronym but what does NTR stand for when he said “typical NTR scenario”?

  12. Che Says:

    @ Latus, NTR means Netorare.

    BTW, at the end, the 3rd girl gets some tentacle to I guess, right?

  13. hentai manga Says:

    I like netorare, but you recently see pretty much only that tag ^^

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