(C79) [Yume yori Sutekina (Kusaka Souji)] GALAXY (Asobi ni Ikuyo!)

Monday, 29. September 2014 - 4 Comments   


Here’s a full color doujin, commissioned by John_Thrust.


*I’m leaving for Shanghai tomorrow. See you guys in a week!

[SEM;COLON (Mitsu King)] Chicken Maid Party (Mayo Chiki!) [English] [desudesu]

Monday, 29. September 2014 - 2 Comments   


Come enjoy some mayonnaise chicken, courtesy of Flammz.


(C82) [SEM;COLON (Mitsu King)] Higher Than Dark Sky (Accel World) [Incomplete]

Monday, 29. September 2014 - 2 Comments   


Commissioned by Flammz.


[kyo1] Second Contact (Comic Megastore 2010-12)

Sunday, 21. September 2014 - 1 Comment   


Brought to you by Flammz. Girl is hopelessly in love with a dude. Dude has trust issues. They work it out somehow and live happily ever after.


[Okada Kou] Morton’s Fork (COMIC Aun 2014-04-05)

Sunday, 21. September 2014 - 2 Comments   


Commissioned by Flammz. A story about a middle school girl being taken advantage of by two of her seniors. 2tragic4me

A Morton’s Fork is a specious piece of reasoning in which contradictory arguments lead to the same (unpleasant) conclusion. It is said to originate with the collecting of taxes by John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury in the late 15th century, who held that a man living modestly must be saving money and could therefore afford taxes, whereas if he was living extravagantly then he was obviously rich and could still afford them.


(FF24) [HitenKei (Hiten)] Mou Teitoku no Soba ni Modorenai… (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Thursday, 18. September 2014 - 5 Comments   


Brought to you by Flammz. Shoukaku gets raped and stolen from her beloved TTK.


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