Don’t worry, I’m still alive

Saturday, 24. May 2014 - 27 Comments   


“Hey desu, why are you spending so much on cardboards?”

Because I’ve lost control of my life

I’m still alive, guys. Still working on the same project at work, so haven’t had time to update. I’ll be having more time soon, though, when I’m done with this project.

[Tsukiyoshi Hiroki] Shoujotachi no Sadism 1-2

Sunday, 6. April 2014 - 35 Comments   


Brought to you by Flammz.


*Here’s what happens when you work in (some) Japanese companies:


*ps: it’s roughly the same on the other side. This is why I’m kinda in a limbo state at the moment. (´・ω・`)

[Shouno Kotaroo] Make Live

Tuesday, 25. March 2014 - 12 Comments   


One of the two girls above gets raped during a concert. Guess which girl?

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As many of you might have noticed, releases have really been slowed down lately. Here’s why:

>work in a Japanese company

>come to work at 8am, leave at 10-ish pm, everyday (even Saturday and Sunday). Adds up to around 90 hours work week.

I asked for this (´・ω・`). It should be fine soon, though, when the project that I’m involved in is over in another month.

[Kitakawa Touta] Ohikkoshi (Moving)

Tuesday, 25. March 2014 - 1 Comment   


A release brought to you by Flammz. Enjoy.



[Kansai Orange (Arai Kei)] Distorted Love

Tuesday, 11. March 2014 - 16 Comments   


Do you like freckles?

Commissioned by Flammz.


(Reitaisai SP2) [Hannama (Mitsugi Soine)] Shinreibyou ana EX (Touhou Project) [Incomplete]

Tuesday, 11. March 2014 - 2 Comments   


Brought to you by Flammz.


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